Website Brand Guidelines

Sponsor Logos:

  • For all sponsor logos or wherever there are multiple logos to be displayed, add the logo to “Sponsor Logo Template”. Size: 570 x 212 px 72 ppi/dpi
    DOWNLOAD PSD FILE (this is a Photoshop file and will need to be downloaded and used in Photoshop and the logo added to it as a new layer)
  • When uploading any images to the media manager in WP please add ALT IMAGE description and describe the image you are uploading such as “OAC logo” for accessibility.
  • No more than 4 sponsor logos in a row. Make sure layout is as follows for less than 4 logos in a row:


Each event needs a featured image to be consistent. Add it to the featured image section on the right-hand side near the bottom of the page.

You can use an image no larger that 96 ppi or a graphic that is the following size: 706 x 530 px 96 ppi/dpi template can be downloaded in photoshop format here

Posts/Latest News:

All news posts must have a featured image for consistency and at least 2 images within the post itself for visual interest. Use the same template for Events when needing a graphic or use an image as the featured image. Use images that are relevant to the article.