What does the DEI Committee do?


The DEI Committee recently appointed Rachael Pease and Cathy Pack as its new Co-Chairs. They have taken on a range of responsibilities, including moderating panels, recruiting members, planning initiatives, and building on the work of their predecessors, Herb Yamamoto and Blanca Cazares. Here’s a summary of the committee’s accomplishments over the past year:

  • Support for Key Events: The committee facilitated DEI panels and presented DEI moments at DBIA Regional and Chapter events.
  • Engagement with UBE Firms: UBE (Under-utilized Business Enterprise) firms were invited to exhibit and network at the Annual NW Conference and other regional events.
  • Expanded Meeting Participation: A broader audience was invited to attend committee meetings that focused on:
    • Best Practices for Supplier Diversity
    • DEI from an Owner’s Perspective
    • De-Commoditization of A&E Firms
  • Legal Guidance: The committee consulted with Colette Holt, a civil rights attorney, to understand the impact of recent Supreme Court rulings on DEI programs.
  • Publicity and Recognition: Committee member Jennifer Eckert’s contributions were featured in a Newsweek Japan article.
  • Sharing Success Stories: The committee showcased DEI initiatives by the Balfour Beatty / DLR Group team working on the $180 million Portland Building project at a national conference, thanks to their participation on the National DEI Committee.


These achievements highlight the committee’s commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of its work.