Local Educator Inducted into the UW Construction Management Hall of Fame

Written by: Jeannie Natta

We want to share some exciting news about one of the founding leaders of DBIA in the NW.   Darlen Septelka is being inducted into the UW Construction Management Hall of Fame.  For those of you who do not know Darlene, she was instrumental in starting the DBIA NW chapter.  She shared memories with me of meeting with David Mortenson, at Mortenson’s Bellevue office, to develop the Chapter bylaws and make plans for selecting the first officers.  David served as the first President and she the Vice president.  The group managed all the events on their own for the first couple of years until they were able to hire staff.  Darlene also conducted data research for the WA State Capital Projects Advisory Review Board, contributing to construction legislative changes in Washington State.  She was honored as a DBIA Fellow in 2022.

Darlene has been in the construction industry for over 50 years.  She currently teaches in the UW Construction Management program.  She has been a mentor to me throughout my construction management career.  I thought this group would appreciate knowing about her contributions to promoting design-build done right in our region.  Below is a link with more information about the UW Construction Management Hall of Fame and bios of the 2024 inductees.

Construction Management – Hall of Fame