Happy New Year and welcome to 2024! 

Prepared by Tim Graybreal, PE, FDBIA | Preconstruction Manager, Lydig Construction, Inc.

The DBIA NW region has been working hard to improve the association for our members, and we are excited to announce our regional strategic initiative aimed at improving access to quality program content for every member of our region.  Through the efforts of our reorganized regional programs committee, in concert with the chapter program volunteers in our Western WA, Oregon, and Inland WA chapters, we are working together to plan a series of regional program offerings that will supplement the chapter programs we have traditionally enjoyed throughout the year.


This new offering of regional programs will be available at each chapter location as well as developing locations (such as Central Washington, Central Oregon, Boise, and Anchorage) through DBIA hosted watch parties.  These watch parties will be hosted by local DBIA members, regional DBIA board members, or local DBIA volunteers and will provide all the benefits of our traditional local program meetings, with content provided through a multi-way videoconferencing link.


Our goal in offering this new style of content is to facilitate the development of new chapters within our region by allowing local practitioners to meet without burdening a fledgling chapter with the responsibility of providing regular content.  We also aim to improve our offerings’ quality by accessing regional, national, or international content experts without requiring them to travel. This will greatly improve our reach and access to top-quality expertise. The Oregon chapter has been piloting this type of program delivery for the last year with great success, and we are looking forward to a Fall or Winter 2024 rollout for the entire region.


In the meantime, we have much to enjoy.  Visit our website, DBIANW.org, for our upcoming chapter meetings, and remember to mark your calendars for the NW Regional Conference coming May 9-10 at the Hyatt Regency in Seattle!