Building Integrated High Performing Teams

One of the great advantages that Design-Build has brought our industry is the opportunity to build capital project teams based on ability and chemistry rather than just lowest first cost.  As a young engineer, I remember bid day on our hard bid projects as this tipping point where we found out if we got to work with our preferred GC or a random company I’d never heard of.  I remember being taught to be careful in my conversations and on guard against being taken advantage of.   I also remember thinking all of this defensive maneuvering was a massive waste of useful energy.

Making the transition to trusted partnerships in a Design-Build relationship was a breath of fresh air for me.  The openness and honesty in trusted partnerships along with being able to work with teams that are both excellent at what they do as well as enjoyable to work with is what I enjoy most about my career now.  In fact, when our DBIA Northwest region leaders were asked why they spend their volunteer time focused on DBIA, the overwhelming response was that design build done right makes the quality of their projects and their professional lives significantly better.  Design-Build Done Right™ creates better outcomes and better experiences.

DBIA Northwest wants to help you to find this same kind of success on your projects and in your partnerships.  To that end we are focusing this year’s Northwest Regional retreat around the central topic of Building Integrated High performing teams.  Our goal is to provide you with both management and leadership tools that can help you find great partners and build teams that deliver exceptional results.  We are bringing in experts from our region who can help you build the right strategies as well as providing networking events that help you make connections with like-minded people.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend our event coming in May 2023.  Hosted this year in Portland by the Oregon Chapter of the DBIA Northwest Region.

Prepared by Tim Graybreal, President, DBIA Northwest Region