Join us in Congratulating Our Newly Certified Individuals!


Professional DBIA

Mark Horton, Professional DBIA
Gabriel Acosta, Professional DBIA
Jacob Hecht Tonnessen, Professional DBIA
Gareth Alexander Montgomery, Professional DBIA
Bradford Kilcup, Professional DBIA
Brian Antonsen, Professional DBIA
John  Sagerser, Professional DBIA
Sara Wilder, Professional DBIA
Tracy D. Wiyrick, Professional DBIA
Gregory Todd Shimizu, Professional DBIA

Assoc. DBIA

Daniel James Murphy, Assoc. DBIA
Christopher  Johnson, Assoc. DBIA
Emily  Hager, Assoc. DBIA
Kelly Wheeler, Assoc. DBIA
Charles  Thompson, Assoc. DBIA
Brooke  Besheone, Assoc. DBIA
Natasha  Carroll, Assoc. DBIA
Reed  Oxsen, Assoc. DBIA
Harrison  Reece, Assoc. DBIA
Alexander Radcliffe, Assoc. DBIA
Jerrod Andrew Kowalewski, Assoc. DBIA
Anthony  Carlson, Assoc. DBIA
Anna  Bonjukian, Assoc. DBIA
Melissa Newell, Assoc. DBIA
Heather Christine Hockland, Assoc. DBIA
Jeremy  Doty, Assoc. DBIA
Holly Simon, Assoc. DBIA
Nigel  Horton, Assoc. DBIA
Colt Fry, Assoc. DBIA
Mindy Norris, Assoc. DBIA
Phillip  Johnson, Assoc. DBIA
Sydney  Thiel, Assoc. DBIA
DBIA Certified professionals lead the Design-Build industry. Through years of experience and hours of education, these individuals have put in the time and work to become Designated Design-Build Professionals®. Find out more about certification at