Tim Graybeal, Lydig Construction

Last quarter I mentioned that our region is leading the nation in the use of Design-Build. One of these exciting developments is through the adoption of Progressive Design-Build in delivering K-12 school projects. These projects have already benefited by the shift away from a low bid approach that the GC/CM model allows. Progressive Design-Build takes this to the next level by removing barriers and promoting the full team focus on collaboration and delivering value that is only possible with Design-Build. This recent article in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce gives an excellent overview of this trend and the benefits owners and practitioners are seeing with Progressive Design-Build. 

As Design-Build continues to grow in popularity it becomes more important than ever to build the skills necessary to be successful. This is where your engagement with and membership in DBIA NW can prove an invaluable asset. Your DBIA membership and credentials demonstrate to owners and potential team members that you have invested in learning Design-Build best practices and are committed to leveraging Design-Build Done Right. They are the badge that separates you from the crowd and states your commitment to true collaboration and partnership.

This and many other ways that DBIA can help you win and be successful on your next Design-Build project are outlined in this excellent Video “Why DBIA”. I encourage you to listen to these testimonials from industry leaders and join us as we commit to making our projects more collaborative, more enjoyable, and more successful.