Morris Aldridge

Linneth Riley-Hall

Bill Kent

Vince Campanella

Herb Yamamoto

At the October 4th DBIA annual meeting, DBIA National announced that Morris Aldridge (Tacoma Public Schools) and Linneth Riley-Hall (Sound Transit) are joining Bill Kent (Mortenson), Vince Campanella (Lydig), and Herb Yamamoto (BIM Connection) on the National Board of Directors. Morris, Linneth, and BIll are all passionate supporters of design-build project delivery.  Vince Campanella and Herb Yamamoto serve as committee chairs and are voting members of the national board of DBIA.


Morris is the Executive Director of Planning and Construction for Tacoma Public Schools. Leading the replacements and renovations for K-12 projects in one of the largest school districts in the state, Morris introduced Design-Build to Tacoma Public Schools in 2017. He is currently the President of DBIA NW’s Western Washington Chapter and he speaks often and passionately about how design-build enhances creativity, increases efficiency, and reduces risk.


Linneth is Sound Transit’s Project Director for the Everett Link extension (EVLE), and Operations and Maintenance Facility North (OMFN) projects. She manages and oversees the project development and environmental process, including but not limited to managing the project scope, schedule, and budget. Prior to these projects, Linneth was the Deputy Project Director for the Federal Way Link Extension (FWLE) where she provided strategic oversight for all phases of the $1.3 billion project.


Bill has been with Mortenson Construction since 1987 where he serves as a Construction Executive. He is currently the Immediate Past President of the DBIA NW Region. Bill became DBIA Certified in 2004, has been teaching as a DBIA instructor since 2008, and sits on the DBIA National Certification Board. He’s an adjunct instructor for the UW School of the Built Environment where he teaches an upper-level class on integrated design-build project management.


Vince Campanella and Herb Yamamoto serve as committee chairs and are voting members of the national board of DBIA.
Vince brings nearly 40 years of experience in construction and design management, public and private contracting, and preconstruction services, the last 30 years with Lydig Construction. His experience in alternative delivery projects includes over $300 million in Design-Build projects. Vince’s leadership on these projects, especially related to preconstruction services, has added to their success.


Herb Yamamoto is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (Mechanical Engineering, B.S., M.S.) and CEO of BIM Connection LLC, a provider of BIM/VDC services. Herb Chairs the National DEI Committee and Co-Chairs the NW Region Committee. After learning Design-Build at Toyota Motors Corporation, he believes inclusion is part of design-build’s DNA because it’s about teaming and collaboration. Herb serves as Vice Chair of the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs, an organization that pioneered DEI principles in Oregon.