Name: Darhl R. Edwards

Title and Company:  Previous: Chief Estimator Hi-Tech/Industrial – Hoffman Construction (Retired 2021), Current: Assistant Professor, Construction Management, Washington State University

Years of Industry experience: 35 (26 w/ Hoffman)

Location / Chapter: Inland Northwest Washington

Member type: A/E, Owner or GC?  Academia

What was your first design-build project?  2009 Bachelors Enlisted Quarters, Naval Station, Everett, Washington

Why did you join DBIA NW?  While working in the industry the past 35 years, I have always had a resource and network available that I could consult with about design-build related best practices and delivery methods and as a result I didn’t have a need to be a direct member of DBIA, but now that I am an Assistant Professor at Washington State University and one of the courses I teach is delivery systems, I feel it is important that I practice what I preach and being a member of DBIA will help me spread the word to the next generation of industry professionals of how important the fastest growing delivery system is to our industry.

What does “There’s a Better Way to Build” mean to you?  There’s a Better Way to Build” means to me that in an industry that is always changing and evolving, the entire project team needs to keep their mind open and work as a team to achieve the best solution for every condition to meet and exceed any given projects goals.  I believe this is why design-build is the fastest growing delivery system as it maximizes the outcome by taking advantage of every team member and their resources from the beginning to the completion, resulting in the best built project possible .