Design Build Institute of America is all about expanding and growing collaboration-driven success through the collective work of architects, engineers, construction professionals, owners, academics and students. In this message, I will describe the first of four pillars that is at the basis of our membership engagement: Delivering Expertise.  Over the next several newsletters, I will cover the remaining three: Ensuring Access, Fostering Collaboration and Inspiring Innovation.

Through advocacy, local programs and industry education we look to constantly improve the design-build process. As the authority on Design-Build Done Right®, DBIA is an organization where excellence is built, taught and shared. So, how are some of the ways we accomplish this in the Northwest?

Sean Gay and Vince Campanella bring their combined knowledge of regulatory requirements to serve our membership through their work on the legislative committee. In the northwest region (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington) we are fortunate that design-build is permitted by all agencies for all types of design and construction. For further information on design-build laws in our region go to link.

Our regional programs committee, led by Shannon Gustine, plans our regional conference and coordinates programming topics, schedules and resources with each of our chapters across the region. We are focused on presenting relevant topics and information to continue our progression as a region and evolving our processes and approaches to maximize value while building for the future. At the same time, we also understand that for some the design-build process is new or different, so we will continue to offer introductory programs and resources. Upcoming programs link

Our region is fortunate to have two dynamic DBIA Certification instructors, Robynne Thaxton and Bill Kent. If you have taken the certification workshop, you will know what I mean! Not only do they represent the very best of the AEC industry, they engage all participants in thoughtful and challenging conversations which allow each of us to experience a key component of DBIA: the ability to listen to and appreciate others’ perspectives. Certification is a notable achievement. It recognizes leaders in our industry, it connects like-minded individuals who share the common desire to build better, and it is increasingly recognized by owners as a value to their organizations. Certification workshop link.



By advocating for and maintaining design build legislation, offering quality programs, and providing industry certification to recognized experts across our multi-generational and multi-disciplined membership, we become the mentors of every member’s success. If you are interested in getting involved in any of these committees, please contact us at



Katie Popolow, AIA, Principal
DBIA NW Region Chair