This is an uncertain time for the world, our country, our industry and our families. The key is to rally together as a society and limit the spread of COVID 19. So, how can we protect our population’s health to the greatest extent possible while minimizing damage to our companies and our economy? How do we keep it all moving forward while staying at home but also practicing social distancing when we must go out and do what needs to get done?

We are all just starting to understand the implications of what battling a pandemic means.  My 16-year-old daughter—who has had a part time job serving meals in an assisted living facility—is now considered an essential worker.  I definitely did not see that coming.  It has been a concern for our family in several ways, but it has also been a very positive growth experience for her to step up to greater responsibility and preparing her to tackle future challenges in her life.

We all grow when we tackle new challenges.  The hardest challenges, we tackle as a team, capitalizing on every team members skills and expertise.  This mindset attracts many of us to design-build.

The pandemic has temporarily added new challenges to our industry and it is likely it will bring in some longer lasting challenges that we will have to overcome.

The good news is that we already have a project delivery approach that has great flexibility and allows us to capitalize on each other’s strengths, skills and expertise.  Design-build allows us to identify the challenges together, roll up our sleeves, and get to work on the solution.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to rally together, pull in the right expertise early and solve whatever challenges our industry and projects are faced with.  That is our role as design and construction professionals in supporting our society.

Bring your “best game” and capitalize on each other’s strengths and expertise to conquer this challenge as we have many challenges before.