COVID-19 Response: Ask Congress to Support Infrastructure Investment and Design-Build 

Once again, talk of federal infrastructure investment in Washington has become and on-again/off-again issue, changing with each day. It shouldn’t be this way. History has shown passage of a broad infrastructure investment package helps communities recover, creates jobs and spurs the economy. The next round of stimulus should include funding for building roads, transit systems, airports and water projects, among other forms of infrastructure putting thousands back to work and boosting our communities’ vital public services.

Design-build has a long history of helping our nation recover in times of crisis. Congress needs to know about design-build’s record of success (backed-up by research) in delivering innovative projects on time and under-budget, especially in crisis situations.

Now’s the time to urge Congress to pass an infrastructure investment plan including policy provisions based on Design-Build Done Right® Best Practices to encourage a wide use of design-build.

Here’s How You Can Help

Contact information for U.S. Senators can be found here, and here, for Members of the House of Representatives.

Thank you very much,

Louis Jenny

DBIA Vice President

Advocacy and Industry Engagement